Mission and Values

Our mission and values define us as an organization and guide all of our actions.

All of our actions are based on four interdependent pillars—mission, vision, values and principles—, each of which serves a distinct function:

  • The Mission explains our identity and commitment, and with whom and for whom we work.
  • The Vision refers to the ideal world we would like to live in.
  • The Values are guiding principles that inspire our Mission and help us to interpret it.
  • The Principles are operating standards that guide our actions.


We work with children and their communities to promote just and equitable societies that guarantee their rights and wellbeing.


A world where all children fully enjoy their rights and lead a life of dignity.


  • Social commitment: We strive for the common good, in defense of human dignity, working together to build relationships based on fairness and solidarity between peoples, individuals and cultures.
  • Equity: Our actions aim to achieve greater justice in social arrangements and to promote people’s ability to enjoy their freedom.
  • Respect: We recognize and defend the richness of human diversity as an essential value for social cohesion, peace and respect for the dignity of all people.


  • Non-discrimination: Our work is built upon the belief that all children should have the opportunity to fulfill their rights, irrespective of their or their families’ national, ethnic or social origin, language, religion, political opinion, economic position, disability or any other status.
  • Participation: All of our actions guarantee and promote the right to participation of children and those who support them, in pursuit of full citizenship. We also foster a participatory culture within our organization.
  • Transparency: We base our work on honesty, responsibility and maximum access to information regarding the management of resources and the impact of our actions, in pursuit of the highest level social and economic accountability.
  • Dynamic spirit: We have the capacity to adapt and be creative in our response, seeking innovation and quality in our action.

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