Kamelot Shelter House

Casa de Acogida Kamelot. Behar Bidasoa

Kamelot Shelter House

The “San Silvestre Sport Mundi 2014”, will raise money as every year to help a non profit organisation with funds. This year, the money will be donated to the NGO Behar Bidasoa, and more precisely to the Kamelot Shelter House.


Behar Bidasoa is a non-governmetal organisation for cooperation and development. Their experience in cooperation projects is important. They started their activity in Rwanda, with the missionary Jose Ramon Amunarriz, in 1976. It is over 30 years that this organisation is commited to the third world.

Kamelot Shelter Home, house orphan and abandoned children in Babahoyo (Tanzania). The main scope of this project is:

  • House the children, making efforts in normalising their lives until their primary education is completed.
  • Adaptative space to young children, who have finished their primary school and continued their studies.
  • Social inclusion of all children.

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